The Web is a serious competitor to traditional enterprise architecture approaches. This tutorial will provide an introduction to RESTful Web Service techniques, both from a theoretical and practical perspectives with a focus on creating clean APIs that scale over years.


Ian is an engineer at Neo Technology, working on the Neo4j graph database. Harbouring a long-held interest in connected data, he was for many years one of the foremost proponents of REST architectures, before turning his focus from the Web's global graph to the realm of graph databases. As Neo Technology’s Director of Customer Success, he has worked extensively with customers to design and develop graph database solutions. He is a coauthor of 'REST in Practice' and 'Graph Databases' and (O'Reilly), and a contributor to 'REST: From Research to Practice' (Springer) and 'Service Design Patterns' (Addison-Wesley). He blogs at http://iansrobinson.com, and tweets at @iansrobinson.


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